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Game News

 Welcome To Infinity~


 This guild seeks to fulfill the desires of every gamer, from the casual pve player to the hardcore pvp raider. Within this aspiration of being a well-rounded entity, Infinity has its own unique personality. The members that make up the core of this guild see each other as friends and as family. We care for each other, look out for each other, and work together for the good of the guild and the good of Feonir.

We are not perfect, and we are not perfect for everyone. However, for those who choose to walk alongside us in-game, Infinity can be the perfect place. My leadership style is that of a servant leader. Archeadius exists for the good of the guild, and I will do what I can to ensure that it runs as smoothly as any human creation can. I intend to be fair and just, and above all, to walk in love. My charge to all of those who read this, be you old members or new, is that you hold me to my words and keep me on the straight and narrow. It is my sheer honor to hold this position, and I pray that I never take it for granted.

It is my sincere desire that wherever your feet may take you, you may find at least a small bit of the joy I have had the pleasure of discovering within this guild.
Guildmaster of Infinity Archeadius


If you are filling out an application, please make sure that you are on the PvP server during the times you specified in your app. Most of our members with invite privileges play mainly on the PvP server, so to ensure you get your invitation to the guild in-game, be on around that time. If you are on earlier, you can try to locate any of the officers/members who have invite privileges. Shouting for members of Infinity will most likely result in your best option.

Thank you for your interest, and we hope that we can look forward to building up Feonir together!



Links To Cool Stuff

Free Power Leveling!

Archeadius/Mat, Nov 5, 11 10:03 PM.
Infinity focuses on PvP. In order to properly have fun in PvP we believe you must be lvl 30+. Because we want our members to enjoy themselves, we provide levels 10-30 with free power leveling. Please talk to a rank 4 Officer about this and they will help you to the best of their abilities.

Thank you ~ Archeadius


Archeadius/Mat, Nov 5, 11 9:55 PM.  <----Link to leaderboard.   <-------- Link to Aika database. Use this to check up on new sets and gears at different reinforcement degrees and set effects etc... <----Aika Home page.

Please let me know either in game or through shout box if you have a link you would like me to add

Guild Events!

Archeadius/Mat, Nov 5, 11 12:57 PM.
Guild Points Event!

In order to level up the guild faster, for better guild buffs I have decided to run a guild level up event. The rules to this event are very simple and the outcome very rewarding. Simply do enough guild quests to get to 300,000 guild points and you will be rewarded with 1000 gpotatoes from Archeadius. You are welcome to farm this event. eg: 900,000 guild points will earn you 3000 gpotatoes.

This event is mainly to improve our guilds level and get you guys the best guild buffs possible.

Guild PvP event!

For the reason of fun, I have decided to run a PvP event. This event can be played in many ways.
The rules to this event are a little bit out there.
Starting, every Sunday and ending every Saturday, I will review the kill/death ratio of any player who requests it of me for those days. Whoever has the highest kills against death ratio will win a prize from Archeadius.

Prizes Include:
BattlePotion Box
Mount Licenses
Enriched pell/rub
1000000 gold

This event is still fairly new and may have some kinks. It is my hope that we can work out these kinks through running the event and seeing how it works out.

Thank you to all who participate in the events.
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